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Our mission: To transform workplace culture and empower working parents

Since 2014 we have been pioneering peer coaching for working parents. We believe that by creating a safe space for parents to exchange, combined with a coaching structure that delivers results, parents feel more empowered, included, valued.


parents@work enables companies to build up their own peer coaching program for parents, using existing resources – upskilling employees with coaching skills and equipping future leaders with new perspectives and increased empathy.


The result? A family friendly workplace culture with empowered parents achieving their full potential.

  • PASSION Caring deeply about parents, families, and the companies that employ them.

  • EMPATHY Our motivation is founded in our own experiences as working parents.

  • AUTHENTICITY Embracing our dual roles of family and work. No apologies. This is us!

  • JOY Loving what we do, and how we do it.

  • COURAGE Daring often and greatly.

  • KINDNESS It’s about giving back and celebrating others.

Sarah Meier, parents@work

Sarah Meier

Founder & CEO

Sarah's purpose is to invite others to join her in creating and nurturing family friendly workplaces

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Rachael Waldinger, parents@work

Rachael Waldinger

Co-Founder & Head Coach

Rachael's purpose is to use coaching conversations to support herself and others in living and being who we want. 

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