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Engage & retain working parents

Engage and retain working parents by implementing our sustainable peer coaching programs in corporate and professional organizations. A win-win for parents and companies!


Parents Successfully Combine Work & Family

parents@work peer coaching creates a safe space for parents to connect and exchange with colleagues in the workplace, empowering them to successfully combine work and family.


We know that in the daily rush of work & family it can be challenging to find time to reflect on what we need for ourselves and for our family. The peer coaching sessions aim to provide a safe space for parents to reflect on these important questions, while the exchange on experiences with other parents at the company builds community and contributes to a family friendly workplace culture.


Companies Engage & Retain Talent

We design and manage bespoke programs for our clients that fit with the company culture. They typically include facilitating peer coaching, developing employees with new skills, and supporting the shift in culture with a robust communication plan and content.

Companies will see the following outcomes:

  • Improved employee engagement – Parents feel more valued, supported, connected, all things that directly impact and improve employee engagement!

  • Improved talent retention – Starting a family can be one of the main reasons women step back or step out of the workforce. Modern fathers want more time with their families too! Addressing the topic head on with peer coaching, role models and communication around normalizing parenting at work retains more talent!

  • Improved team performance – With increased communications skills, embedded coaching, and empowered employees, performance is significantly impacted, with productivity, efficiency, and motivation of employees increasing.

  • PASSION Caring deeply about parents, families, and the companies that employ them.

  • EMPATHY Our motivation is founded in our own experiences as working parents.

  • AUTHENTICITY Embracing our dual roles of family and work. No apologies. This is us!

  • JOY Loving what we do, and how we do it.

  • COURAGE Daring often and greatly.

  • KINDNESS It’s about giving back and celebrating others.

Sarah Meier, parents@work

Sarah Meier

Founder & CEO

Sarah's purpose is to invite others to join her in creating and nurturing family friendly workplaces

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Rachael Waldinger, parents@work

Rachael Waldinger

Co-Founder & Head Coach

Rachael's purpose is to use coaching conversations to support herself and others in living and being who we want. 

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