We're on a mission

to empower working parents


Our Story

“Returning to work as a new mom was so much harder for me than I expected. It took me too long to find my way, and there were so many hard-earned lessons along the way.

There was this moment when I looked around the office and realized that we need to do more to support parents at work. With a little time for reflection and planning, a new perspective, and someone who’s got your back, things could be so much better.

What started as a plan to connect new parents with a more experienced colleague at work, grew into parents@work, a peer coaching program embraced by increasing numbers of companies and working parents.  

There is still so much to do: empower working parents, break down old stereotypes, bring more empathy to the workplace, help companies connect with the values of their employees, but we start with one parent at a time.

This our mission, to support families and the companies that employ them!”



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