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"Today employees want to work for companies that care about them as individuals"

Empowering parents@work

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Everyone Wins

parents@work peer coaching benefits parents, peer coaches and the whole company.



Attract and retain top talent and reduce turnover by creating an empowered workplace culture. 



Peer coaching and community provides parents with a safe space to exchange and allows them to feel empowered, included, and valued.



Peer coaches gain new skills and are better equipped for future leadership roles. 

This is how parents@work peer coaching works


We identify potential peer coaches in the organization and provide them with core coaching and connecting skills.


Enroll parents in the program

We enroll parents in the program creating a safe space and time for them to exchange and explore their careers as parents, in circles or 1-1.


Supporting the coaching relationship

We support the peer coaches and parents throughout the program to ensure that everyone benefits from the experience


Communicate the impact

We help you spread the message about the program’s positive impact with internal and external stakeholders.

Train your employees to be the peer coaches

Your year of peer coaching in more detail

InterCompany Peer Coaching Program

  • Our InterCompany program is configured to meet the needs of smaller organisations.

  • This new offer will allow companies to start with as few as 1 or 2 peer coaches.

  • We bring peer coaches from different companies together in one peer coaching team, creating space for them to connect and exchange with like minded people from other companies

  • The standardized approach allows companies to offer a progressive program that until recently was only available to employees in large enterprises.

Who Participates:

Program Coordinator

One (1) employee willing and able to commit 16 working hours per year to collaborate with parents@work and implement the program in their company.

Peer Coach

One (1) employee and who is also a parent willing and able to take on the meaningful and rewarding role of peer coach and connect with other parents.

Parent Coachee

Up to two (2) employee parents who would like to benefit from peer coaching and connecting with other working parents.

All Employees

All employees are welcome to join the 2 “For ALL” events, whether they are new parents, experienced parents, or employees who want to support their colleagues & contribute towards an inclusive workplace.

Example of the Event Schedule for the year:

parentsatwork event schedule.png

* Click on image to enlarge

Program Pricing

The program participation fee is an all-inclusive annual fee and is based on 1 peer coach.

CHF 4’900.00

Excluding VAT


  • Places in upcoming program are limited.

  • Registration to participate in the InterCompany peer coaching program is now open.

  • Next program start: January 2023

5 Reasons peer coaching is so effective

"The peer coaching is the best part of my day, I wish all my work felt this purposeful"

A quote from one of our peer coaches

1. Fulfilment

The number one reason people are leaving their jobs is to find greater fulfilment (Edelman)

2. Relationships

Research shows that when workers have meaningful relationships with colleagues, they tend to stay (Gallup)

3. Purpose

People seek a sense of purpose in their jobs and when they find it they are more likely to stay (McKinsey)

4. Belonging

Recognizing shared experiences with a colleague increases the sense of belonging

5. Relevance

A peer understands the circumstances better than anyone else, bringing more relevant insights

A coaching program unlike anything else

parents@work is a non-traditional coaching program…

it's peer coaching

the number one reason people are leaving their jobs is to find greater fulfilment (Edelman)

it's sustainable

we upskill your existing employees with coaching & connecting skills

it impacts culture

peer coaches are also ambassadors for parents, increasing acceptance of family friendly practices

it's inclusive

we support both fathers and mothers at all levels, and their line managers

it's easy

implemented, managed and supervised by a parents@work expert

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"Having a real impact on creating a culture empowering people to perform at their best"
Guido Ruoss, Head of HR - Bank Julius Baer

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