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Sarah Meier parents@work

Sarah Meier

Founder & CEO

As a speaker, Sarah engages her audience, bringing all her experiences as an employee, as a working mom, and as an entrepreneur, while vulnerably sharing her own story and inspiring others with her purpose and passion for building better workplaces for parents. 


“This is my job – every day I talk with working dads and moms about what challenges them, about what they want and need to be able to succeed in combining work and family. I talk with Employers and ERG’s* about their goals and hurdles. I hear the good and the bad. I have a thousand stories to share – and I want the world to hear them - not just so that companies and employees can learn from these experiences, but so that we will know we are not alone.”  

Topics that Sarah speaks about:

  • Gender Equality – Why supporting parents increases Gender Equality 

  • Empowering Women to Thrive at Work – Why we hide at work, and how we can step up and celebrate being ourselves 

  • Trailblazing Fathers – Why it’s so important to support Fathers in the workplace 

  • Culture Change – Family Friendly Workplaces 

  • The Power of Peer Coaching – Why it works 

  • Leading through Coaching – Skills & Mindset – A new way of working 

  • Building Safe Spaces – Psychological safety at work 

  • Storytelling – Why our stories matter & the theory behind it 


  • Conference Keynote 

  • Women’s Network Event 

  • Parent ERG Event 

  • Association Event 

  • Panel Discussion 

  • Podcast 


Sarah Meier at DisruptHR Zürich talking about Trailblazing Fathers


After Dinner Leadership Episode 039: Look forward, not backward… with Sarah Meier 

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