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BWBW Peer Coaching Workshop - September 2022

I just stepped out of our parents@work peer coaching workshop with the #BringWomenBackToWork program by Salesforce :

It was beautiful to witness it once again:

👩🏼‍💻 Even though we all come from different professions, countries, walks of life - as women and/or mothers we are all experiencing similar things.

👩🏿‍💻 We shared our stories - especially the challenges when trying to handle it all: family, work and - on top of it - the multiple crises of today’s world which have an impact on us, too.

👩🏽‍💻 And it is so good to see that there is an candor and good spirit everywhere in the room.

What we took away from our session:

💫 It´s okay to be messy - we are here to learn.

💫 The important thing is to be there, listen (and speak) with an open heart and create an atmosphere where your counterpart feels safe.

💫 We all shared similar experiences!

And - as one participant stated - even in this space sometimes it is hard to find words.

Her conclusion: “Even more should we continue and support each other!”

I agree. I think that peer coaching - in our case coaching amongst colleagues - in times of remote work is even more important.

Nowadays even the informal chat at the coffee machine is gone.

One should not underestimate these little conversations, for instance between two parents sharing their experiences.

This can create a sense of communality, empowerment and support at the workplace, too.

💫 To have a safe space where you can talk about what´s going on is so valuable. It is a gift to offer it and it is a gift to have it.

Thank you, Sarah Meier for hosting this workshop with me.

And thanks to all the courageous and engaged women who made it happen today.

It was a great pleasure and I rejoice at the thought that we altogether are bringing this gift to even more companies!


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