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Thomson Reuters parents@work Workshop - October 2022

Last week Sarah Meier and I had the great pleasure of running a workshop Thomson Reuters in Zug, to the invitation of their Women@TR group. The purpose of the event was to encourage connections between parents and colleagues, and to give them an experience of peer coaching, while trying out some peer coaching skills themselves.

🤝Parenting is not an expertise, it’s an individual experience…a unique, personal and specific experience that is different for every single parent and family. Sharing our story and creating a safe space at work for parents help to create a sense of belonging, and allow us to learn from each other.

We loved the exchange and engagement from both fathers and mothers. We learnt from you too.

🙌Thank you Shane Dempsey, Andreea Iuga, Heather F., Erika Merizzi for inviting us to join you and thank you for the great collaboration.


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