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Sonja Robinson

Sonja Robinson

Associate Partner

Zurich & Basel

What motivates Sonja

Supporting the parents@work mission and thus creating a better working place and happier parents at home.

Sonja is passionate about people and their stories, co-creating growth through self-reflection and self-awareness. "I strongly believe that anything is possible if we put our minds to it and I would like to instill that mindset in my clients, family and friends.


  • MSc in Coacing and Consulting for Change (HEC, Oxford)

  • Bachelor in Business (EHL)

  • PCC Coach with ICF (base Coaching Education with Solution Surfers)

  • Assessment Certification; TMP, Hogan, Insights, Birkman,

Work Experience

In these industries: Pharma, Industry, Telecommunication, Finance, Life Sciences

In these roles: Commercial Director, Deputy Head Talent Management, Licensing Director, Staffing Manager, Entrepreneur/Founder


Born in Lugano, she grew up in Switzerland with a stay in Africa for 2 yrs in her early years. Her daugther is 11 years and their multipoo dog is 1 year now. They live in Zurich city.

"I love to have friends over for meals and 1:1 conversations with my friends and new acquaintances. I am addicted to work outs and pilates and read 1 book per week in French, English or Spanish. I truly enjoy reading and I practice Buddhism since 2014."


  • German

  • French

  • Spanish

  • English

  • Italian

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