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Meeting the expectations of a modern workforce

Building engaged, performance driven teams, attracting and retaining top talent, and increasing gender diversity, especially in senior roles, are all critical issues for any organization, and the stakes are high.

The success of the business depends on it. While its absence can have disastrous consequences.

The expectations of a modern workforce include flexibility, work-life balance, diversity, sustainability, belonging and shared values. And when companies fail to meet these expectations, the results can be a disengaged workforce, quietly quitting employees, high labor turnover costs and business disruptions, and a lack of diversity in senior roles as employees, who feel disconnected from their employers, leave their jobs to find a better life elsewhere.


It is crucial to find new ways to increase employee engagement and foster an inclusive work culture where employees feel valued, heard, and recognized for their contributions and are empowered to own the way they work so they can perform at their best.

"I really like your program / approach. It is modern, pragmatic and effective. And it is something new"


How parents@work helps companies succeed

Employee Engagement

Employees want to work for companies that care about them as individuals. Investing in the whole person ensures employees feel valued and recognized, while demonstrating shared values.


A peer coaching approach creates opportunities for connection, knowledge sharing, and inspiration.

Team Performance

Peer coaching creates safe space for employees to reflect, plan and take proactive steps, especially during challenging times and demanding life transitions.


This results in increased effectiveness, productivity, and overall team performance.

Talent Retention

Creating opportunities for employees to be part of the solution increases purpose and meaning.


Empowering parents to find new ways to combine work and family and role models to aspire to, increases the pipeline of female talent and gender diversity.

Clients that trust us

Our Story

Returning to work as a new mom was so much harder for me than I expected. It took me too long to find my way, and there were so many hard-earned lessons along the way.

There was this moment when I looked around the office and realized that we need to do more to support parents at work. With a little time for reflection and planning, a new perspective, and someone who’s got your back, things could be so much better.

We're on a mission to empower working parents.

Sarah Meier

CEO & Founder

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